Oklahoma Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians

O.A.E.V.T. was started in 1994 by mechanics, technicians, and shop supervisors from all over Oklahoma to find training and information on servicing and maintaining emergency vehicles.

We feel we, as emergency technicians, should be held to higher standard of excellence for the work we perform. Our work affects the operation of the equipment and the service it provides to the public.

We are a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers to help the mechanics and departments find training on the repair, servicing, and parts for emergency equipment.

We offer training, education, networking, technical advice, and study materials to those who are connected to the emergency vehicle repair field.

We support the EVTCC (Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commissions) testing program. It is a nation wide program that demonstrates the mechanic has the knowledge, experience and ability to perform the work on emergency vehicles.

We work with Fire, Law Enforcement, Ambulance Services, and Airports.

We encourage suppliers and dealers to be involved


  • NETWORK with other mechanics in your field.
  • INPUT on clinics and locations.
  • ACCESS to member’s library.
  • VOTING privileges for officers and organizational decisions.
  • On mailing list for newsletter, that includes updates and helpful hints.
  • Personalized clinics for small departments and volunteers.

Low cost for membership

$30.00 for technician
$30.00 for supervisor
$50.00 for department
$50.00 for sponsors
Sponsors get world wide advertising through our web site

Now is the time to be involved in an organization that is dedicated to helping the emergency vehicle mechanic/technician.